Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mystery plant??

Bought today for one pound seventy from Wilko, its described as a foliage plant.But what foliage plant is it?
It has waxy deep burgundy or purple leaves, that look almost black in the shade.The stems are red and look like rhubarb.The leaves are hear shaped, with bumpy ridges running from the top of the heart down.
Also they appear to have stems with pollen on them.White bumpy bits on these flowering stems?
I have tried to search but cannot find anything that resembles the plant.Does any wise blogger know what this plant is?
My digital camera is powerless after the fourth set of batterys ran out :)
I bought some rechargeable ones, but guess what they are supplied uncharged.The batteries are charging now, and i had to use the mobile phone camera to get the pics.
If I knew what the plant was I'd know whether to put it in the window or keep it on the computer desk with me.


Anonymous said...

Hi David
We have one and it lives on the kitchen window sill. They must have some sun otherwise they lose the colour. What they're called I wouldn't know, but they sure are pretty. (Please read my web page and you'll know who I am)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Celi, you need to leave your web page for me to see it :)
The burgundy plant is now on the kitchen windowsill, next to my oriental stargazer lillies, bletills, Phalaenopsis, and the tomato plants.An eclectic windowsill collection.I look at them washing up, or wine making, or cooking.

Anonymous said...

Lovely colour.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Hannele,I see on your web page you must have visited England to take the photos of the tools against the wall.do you have a pink buddah statue in your garden?I have to just enjoy your photos though :)

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Hi Snappy. I have one like that, but mine is dark green in color. It's a peperomia. I have mine just inside my front door, on the north side of the house. It's been in that spot for 3 years now, and does great there.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Salix tree, thanks for the comment.I have missed you.My plant is on kitchen windowsill.I love the foliage on it, beautiful dark red colours.
Thanks Gary,I will check out the website address.Its good to know a name so you can let the plant live in a suitable environment so it flourishes.
I have green fingers, and i would be gutted if i killed any plants by mis-caring for them.

Kerri said...

Yes David, it's a peperomia. It's native to S. America. Don't overwater it.
I can't believe that small hydrangea cutting has a flower bud cluster on it!
I enjoyed seeing all your photos and catching up.