Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ludisia flowers still..

The Jewel Orchid flowers still in bloom. Chelsea won the FA cup final 1-0 against Manchester united earlier which i watched tortuously..

The game did not live up to all the hype before hand. The Didier Drogba goal was good but it took 115 minutes or nearly two hours of play...

I have been painting tonight a ghost orchid.After reading the Orchid thief I have researched them soon to be a future post. I painted a Bee Orchid the other day too.I am finding flowers good things to paint!

So far I have done dutch tulips, a pink flowered orchid, the bee orchid, and now the ghost orchid. I might be brave and post the photos one day :)

Back to work for next two days so the plants are going to chill and grow nicely I hope.Hils plant sale is a few weeks away.Im debating which ones to send, as i told her I have maybe fourteen feet of windowsill to grow.

Its all for a good cause, and even my small donation will help her raise money for the village charities. Thats a future post as I will take my camera along to the plant sale!

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