Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moth Orchid

Rescued from homebase yesterday a Phalaenopsis, Chinese moth orchid. It was half price and I took pity on it. Three of them were sat on the bargains shelf, needing some TLC to make them re flower.
I went shopping again today, and even Salisbury's had phalaenopsis for sale, £8 for ones of similar size, and £14 for bigger plants.I wander where the idea came from to mass sell orchids, nestled amongst the cut flowers,with kalancoe's in pots alongside exotic Bromeliads, and patio rosebushes.
How many of these moth orchids will bloom again after the flowers have withered and dropped off? I always like bargain plants and this one is not in bad health. They left the flower spike on, I think it has one bud that has not developed.
Trying to get pictures of where to cut the flower spike is quite hard. All of the images I looked at were of the flowers only.
I'm trying to remember where this orchid obsession came from. I have three kinds now, five plants.
Three growing Bletilla Striata, one fading Jewel Orchid, and now the Phalaenopsis.
Another addition to the indoor greenhouse.I need somewhere more roomy to live.The plants are taking over the flat slowly :)

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Sylvana said...

That orchid does look in very good health. Great find!