Tuesday, May 08, 2007

After the nights

After Seven nights, eighty four hours I am off.I spent most of yesterday asleep, catching up and cooking for the first time in a week.
I repotted my tomato plants in fresh soil with extra drainage in a vain attempt to stop their terminal decline.
I will photograph my new tomato plants.They are bushy and compact and smell divine.I wish i knew how they can be grown like that.Mine are thin, weedy, and sickly lol.
I want to repot all my peat pot plants into plastic.They have failed indoors, and i think plastic ones are better for keeping soil evenly moist.The peat pots leach all the water from the pot soil and none of the plants are thriving like they should.
The masses of pots are slowly being reduced down to a dozen plants say.I will try for quality not quantity.If I had a big greenhouse I would grow loads :)
The kitchen is a greenhouse now, with pots all over windowsill, bread making machine, on a box on the side, and the large pot of peacock orchids!Its very green in there.
More photos later.The one above is the mock orange from the alleyway.A very alien looking flower.It smells lovely though, slightly sweet scent.

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