Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hump Night

That means tonight is the fourth night shift of seven. The metaphorical top of the hill, and its all downhill from there.

My tomato plants are wilting still leaf by leaf from the bottom branches up.I wander if they have some virus or bug??The leaves get limp then start to turn a sickly dark green then they are lifeless.
Pictured is some glowing leaves from a Cottinus, a smoke bush.The morning light makes the young leaves glow a pink/red colour.
They have lovely wispy flowers, like puffs of smoke.This bush was in a residential planting display, just behind the bus station.
Its a twenty five minute work from here to the hospital. Through the city centre, bus station, houses with gardens, before the long tree lined alley.
I read the hospital news magasine yesterday.They are rebuilding it in places, but some of the old trees are being cut down.
They say for every tree felled they will plant two nursery trees within the hospital grounds before the birds start their nesting season.
I am happy they acknowledge the Tree's and birds are part of the charm of the hospital.The magpies, sparrows, thrushes, blue tits, and blackbirds will be happy.
Its nice to know they thought about what it mean to cut down sixty year old tree's.I guess the birds will adapt, and hopefully keep singing in the early morning.

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