Thursday, May 31, 2007

Balloon flower Bud

The Ballon flower plant with its namesake bud on it.The bud looks like it has been pumped up full of air.Its like a football really.

The petals spring outwards.Im working two long days on Friday and Saturday.I hope to capture the crown inside the flower just after it has opened outwards.

I have plenty of plants growing besides my Asiatic lillies.I will try to photograph them all and display them.I am gardening vicariously by looking at garden blogs :)

Then i can translate all my ideas into my own garden.I have the indoor greenhouse untill then growing lillys, orchids, bird of paradise, etc.


Naturegirl said...

Very interesting! I see you are in love with the I am of my blossoming lilacs! MY stargazer and casablanca stems are still growing flower yet!Don't work too hard!hugs NG

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Naturegirl, you will have to post some pictures of the Casblnca lillies.I can find lots of images here, related to wedding flowers.The pure white flowers which are scented.
I want some Peruvian Lillies (which i could not find when i went to Homebase), and some Tigerlillies.
They have grown so well, that i am quite enamoured with them.They have made the garden plant list.As many varieties and colours as i can find.
My oriental Stargazers are growing slowly.Two single plants in ceramic pots.I guess they might have been better in one pot.
The asiatic lilly was from a nursery near Huddersfield, and there were four bulbs.Three of them I know the colours.The fourth stem is a mystery as no colour has appeared on the buds yet.
I will try not to work too hard thanks.Glad you are love with the lillies too :)