Friday, May 18, 2007


Watching the Asiatic lilly buds start growing outwards. There are four flower spikes with sixteen flower buds on.The stems are solid with soft leaves you can run your hand up and down and they spring back into place.
I am working all day again today.I hope the buds develop, and that i am here when they decide to open up.
One stem is nearly two foot half, whereas the others are about a foot tall.
Its quite hard to photograph little and large without being at a distance from it.
Thanks for all the comments, I have written replys.I need to catch up on other peoples gardens and leave comments when im off work.Its 5.55 am :)
The early birds are already up, i know we're moving to summer with the light coming up very early. Have a good weekend wherever you garden, and may all your weeds be wildflowers!

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