Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Flower Show Colours 2

Faces in the Ladybird Poppys start the second post about the Spring flower show.I had two packets of these seeds from Tatton Park but lost them in the move.They are fun though and bright coloured!

The Yorkshire theme, a Chrysanthenum Teapot and Yorkshire tea.The display was about the Miners Strike.A still bitterly disputed part of Yorkshire history.Margaret Thatcher is not welcome up here still.The mines were a part of Yorkshires history and heritage, although mostly they are used as educational centres or museums.Just need the fat rascals (big Scones) from Bettys Tearoom.

Ladybird Poppies.How did they get them to flower so early in the year?I was amazed how much was induced to flower ready for this flower show.It helps sell your plants if you can show them in their Summer finery..

Baa,A sheep and a Ram in a display.More Yorkshire theme here, the countryside and the Hill farms like in James Herriot books set in the Yorkshire Dales..

I have been dreaming about Himalayan Poppies and they were here in the Show.Meconopsis I think they are called.I love the red ones but these blue ones were used at Harlow Carr but I never saw any in flower.I wander if i can grow them in my Garden?

Fairys and Spiders webs in another display.I love the magic of garden spirits..

These Frilly edged Tulips were in the Plant Societys section. Bee keepers association, Wakefield and North Tulip society, Fushia Association etc.They had all set up tables with information and plants on display.I loved the Beekeepers pots of Honey, bottles of Mead, and Wax candles.They were there at the Autumn flower show last year.The hall also had the Daffodil and Tulip competions.Individual flowers or groups of the same Species.These were awarded prizes.How mad to grow flowers for flower shows.Some people are very competitive even growing Daffodils.In the Autumn flower show there were lots more categories and vegetables were being shown too.The British love horticultural competitions..

The Students from Seven different Horticultural colleges had designed gardens for imaginary clients.They all had to use Bradstone Patio sets, and then use their imagination to fill the rest of the spaces.I photographed this because it has all my plants.The Heuchera, the Black grass, the Pulmonaria, and the grasses in the background.Who knows,one of the students may win a Gold medal at Chelsea in the future.
The Show had a mixture of ages and gender.The weather was foul but it was packed.There were thousands of visitors on the day I went.Brass bands played, the smell of sweet freshly cooked doughnuts filled the air.

Some of the Daffodil competitors in the Green plastic vases for showing them off.

Cat posing with some awesome Tulips.They are spectacular colours.

More Tulips, three flowers of the same Species of Tulip.These would look good in a vase in your front room..

the Auricula society, such mad looking plants but beautiful flowers.I wish I could grow them but I killed off the two i had.Its better to look at their beautifully grown specimins.

Back home this was what I had bought. A show guide book, Chocolate Cosmos, Ranunculus, Chocolate Peppermint plant, A Sambucas Niger, Treacle toffee,a Heuchera Obsidian, and a Casa blanca Lilly.

this stone frog clutching a flower was also bought at the flower show.I love frogs and flowers, so its very me!
I hope that gives you all a quick tour of the Spring Flower Show.The Flower Shows will come thick and fast now across the summer.I have a little of the magic in my garden now
The plants are planted, and the Casa Blanca Lily potted.The Chocolate Cosmos and Ranunculus need planting yet.They will hopefully flower for me later in the year.
I have tickets for Tatton Park at the end of July. The big RHS Chelsea flower show is starting in about three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hi David lots of favourites of mine, of course the fairies and the poppies, love the frog....and good to see cat. looks like you had a great day while i was sleeping after slaving the night away lol....see you soon..hi to Cat, got her message from Tracy. Lots happening in my garden just finished four nights but got money for my birthday on wednesday so am away to the garden centre!!!!!

lisa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! fox planters? :)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lynn, its good to read your comment on here!Hope you buy lots of nice things for your garden.Me,Cat, and Tom will have a Sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower.I know you love them, and I keep seeing them everywhere as designs and motifs!
Cat has the pots,compost, and sunflower seeds.They just need planting now!
Hi Lisa, it was great.I never did see any Fox things to go with my two Fox ornaments.