Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nine Views

After the Kitchen Garden I walked around the gardens looking for flowers.. the Daffodils were flowering en masse, around the main borders and in the woodlands at the far side of the gardens. Last time only a few were in flower.

In the Gardens Though Time display the Victorian garden had the Auricula House.I love these flowers but unfortunately killed my two from last years plant stall. I had to admire the colours and perfect shape of the flowers, with the icing sugar dusting on the petals.There were burgundys, reds, whites, and a few almost black ones nearly flowering.

A glass greenhouse that overlooks the lake always has masses of flowers ready to be planted out. Daffodils like this Paper white, and Narcissus. Hyacinths galore too.I love the colours of these though.

The Queen Mothers Lake looking beautiful as always, the rippling waters reflected the trees and the sky. The dogwoods have a burnished glow on the other side of the lake.The marsh Marigolds were in flower, the bright yellow flowers..

Photographed as the clouds rolled in, it looks almost like an oil painting, but it is a Marsh Marigold I think.It reminds me of a Buttercup flower.

Glory Of The Snow, the Chionodoxa's were also out in force. Sky blues, dark Blue, and this soft pink and white flowers. Like sprinkled sweets all over the woodland floor. The birds were singing in the quiet woodland at the hilly north side of Harlow Carr.

Every visit finds suprises. New plants, newly dug beds, newly planted trees. In this case a cut tree stump was being fashioned into a wooden Buddah. The muse is sat at the base, but you can see the shaping that has taken place.I did not see who sculpted the stump but will return to see if he has completed it.

By the Doric columns and Stone lions was three or four Camellia bushes.I never even noticed them on two previous visits.They were in flower this time.Its amazing what you dont see sometimes :)

A new Bird hide has been made, and as me and Hil's sat this Pheasent walked out, called out a few times, then strutted.I love his colours, like a military soldier in full dress!
He dissapeared.I want to go back to see if I can photograph him around the woods.He is full of bravdo squawking his whereabouts every so often.
He looked quite at home in Harlow Carr.
Fourteen Views to conclude the tour of my highlights of HC.


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