Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Preperation

A sneaky spider had spun his web across the bright Primula flower. these have been flowering non stop since December now. They were underplanted with Anemones and Chionodoxa's. They have flowered and I have a suprise blue/Yellow mass of colour in the left hand border now.
In December I imagined the Winter Primulas would have finished flowering, by the time the spring bulbs began to flower.
In my daily mini walks around the garden after each night shift I have seen the Tulip flower buds rise upwards on thick stems, the Blue pot Hyacinths begin flowering today in earnest. The Mallus Braeburn Apple tree has elongated and developed leaves.The Raspberrys have developed flower buds from stems from last years canes. I might have Raspberrys and Strawberrys by July :)
The African Bag Gardens have started germinating all the Rocket, Mustard greens, Spring Onions, and Beetroot Boltardy. I have the areas marked to cut the hessian sack to grow plants from the sides of the bags.
It still continues to rain though. I looked at Allotments walking down the long causeway to work. I see people have begun to plant their plots! Next week I will start my Veg planting!
The Spider has been busy, preparing for the flys to come to the yellow flowers. I have been working nights and waiting to get to Allotment next week...
The Harrogate Spring Flower show is on now,I am going with camera on Sunday.I may take a few photos :)

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