Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Kiss Of The Sun

I bought this plaque from the Spring flower show on Sunday. I will post some photos later today.
The allotment had the first Vegetable crops planted today. Chitted King Edward and Nadine potatoes, Red Karmen and Stutgarter Onion sets, Carrots Chantenay Red seeds, and Some Garlic cloves. I picked a pot full of Dandelion flower heads too ready for wine making.
Despite the torrential rain overnight the Raised beds were relatively dry, and not as boggy as the surrounding grass.The two boggy beds were waterlogged, and one almost has a pond to one side :(
I lost my keys at the allotment too, and had to go to the estate agents to borrow their spare set to get back into the house.I bought some plastic mesh for my Honeysuckle to climb up, and the Climbing rose when it takes off. I used nails to hang it on the red brick wall by the left border.
The frames on both sides are up now, with the Climbing Iceberg Rose clambering upwards.If the Honeysuckle and Pink scented rose can grow it will look beautiful on both sides of the backdoor. The bird box is attached but not yet taken..
The slug traps with John Smiths beer worked a treat, I have caught maybe 25 of the slimy Slugs so they do work.My Daylilys may be rescued yet.
More posts and photos to follow.I do like the sentiment of Dorothy Francis Gurney whoever she was..

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