Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pink Reflection

The Camellia showed signs of life after the past few days by starting to open its tightly furled petals. Like pink blotting paper the pinks have darker striation on the revealed petals.
The other buds are showing signs of pinking up.I can not find any sites that tell me when Camellias flower even the plant label (which I've misplaced somewhere for a change) does not say.
I planted some Lillys today.Two bulbs each of Oriental Stargazer, and White Lillys.They are sat in the kitchen chilling at the moment.
The sun shone today between grey skys and rain showers. The garden has been illuminated from midday onwards as the sun is over the houses which suprised me.
The suns rays have travelled from the back of the garden upto the edge of the right border by the pavers and African bag gardens.
The right side of the garden does get some Sun then, and hopefully more by the summer.It is very calm outside with the birds singing and the sun shining (just need the cold wind not to blow so much).
The photo is from a mirror I took into the garden and put against the fence.The flower is facing away from the garden and I can not fit behind the Camellia.I did lean into the fence to take it though.Its not bad for a reflected image!
Enjoy your weekends wherever you are.Hope it flowers fully soon.Expect more pictures....


Zoƫ said...

Common in garden varities such as C. japonica, sinensis and x williamsii all flower in winter/spring. Some C.sasanqua types flower in late autumn.

You might find this link useful, on the right is a whole list of links to the various types

Lovely photograph.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Zoe,I will check out your link.I read my own blog for April 2006 when I did have a Camelia.The first flower opened on the 15th April, so this flower was a week earlier.Half the buds have dropped off as it was forced somehow to produce too many.
It has taken four months to open the first flower bud.Patience is not my virtue.I need to work on that!
I will post more photos as the flower opens, for the blog readers and for me to admire the flower.
They are beautiful plants and the glossy green leaves are around all year.It is also a slow growing plant so it can age with me..