Monday, April 07, 2008

Teasing Flowers And A Robin

The cheeky Robin this morning had worked out how to hover in front of the fatballs and was clinging on for a high fat snack. I was in bed untill three pm recovering from the night shifts.A Cat photo this one..

A Tulip plant with gorgeous colours of Burgundy and Green.It reminds me of an ancient Maori warrior covered in tribal tattoos. On the left border three Tulips have been demolished flower bud and all by slugs.they are loving those so they stay.The other Tulips are pretty much intact and close to flowering.

Tulip Tease. One of the Red Tulips gives us a quick flash of the developing flower encased in the green leaves.The flowers are itching to burst out of the leaves and light up the borders.

On the Kitchen windowsill outside the Spring bulbs continue to develop, nearly flowering. Yellow flowers and one blue one. I planted Chionodoxa and Narcissus in December.
I have just put my paraffin heater back into the cold frame.The cabbages are growing on with roots all the way to the bottom of the three inch pots. Twelve Strawberry plants are growing on ready to be planted into the Victorian style polythene planter.
The warm days last week lulled me into spring mode.It has been freezing the past three nights, with below freezing temperatures.It also rained and snowed briefly.
The allotment will be sodden again.I will have to push back the planting dates as the clay soil is waterlogged and cold.Maybe near the end of April..
Days off to come, so hopefully lots to post over the next four days.I need another coffee :)


Anonymous said...

I love the striped tulip! It looks so exotic!

Tacoma florist

Sue Swift said...

Hi David,
There's an award for you on my blog if you'd like to come and collect it.

Michelle said...

I just came across your blog and am enjoying reading through your posts. Can you tell me what the "balls" are in the feeder picture?

Happy Planting~

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy.I hope you see them soon the Robins.I have never grown Tulips before this year so im new to them all.I like the striped pattern though..
Arlene,I have let this one through, try to leave a comment from you.I cannot find you on your blog.Show yourself :)
Thanks Sue,I am flattered.I left a comment on your blog.I hope your balcony plants are getting better now!
Thanks Michelle,Its always good when people stumble across my blog, and even better when they comment.
The balls in the feeder are Wheat, Beef Fallow,Rolled Wheat,Sunflower seeds,Whole Wheat, Sarghum, Oyster Flour, and Split Peanuts.I call them Fatballs as they are twenty five percent made of fat.The Bluetits and Great Tits love them and always hang on the wire frame eating them.Even the Robin (A ground feeder) hovers to try and grasp onto the frame for a snack.
I just copied the ingredients from the Packaging!