Sunday, April 13, 2008

Glory Of The Snow

The Chionodoxa glowing blue in the light a few days ago.These Spring plants are called commonly the Glory Of The Snow.They originally grew in the mountainous regions of Turkey. As the winter snow starts to melt they appear through the snow.
Chiono is Greek for glory, and Doxa means snow.
I have a few coming up now in shades of blue and purple.The flowers are not fully open yet.I will post more photos when they are open.


Jane O' said...

What a beautiful shade of blue.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jane Marie,The colour of this Chionodoxa is almost electric blue.They have an ethereal quality to them.I have just been looking at them as I washed up dishes, as they are outside the kitchen window...
Thanks Nancy,I actually love Snow.I know more northerly lattitudes wont feel the same.They wont see the Gardens untill the snow melts away and the plants start growing.
My friend went to Somerset in the south west of England.She said everything was at least one month advanced than cold/wet/rainy/windy Yorkshire.The soil here has still not fully warmed up.I have gardened down south so I know its milder and you can plant a month before you can in the north of england.
Clay soil also takes the longest time to warm up from winter chills.
Glad you lik the flower :)