Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Flower Show Colours 1

Last sunday I went to Harrogate again for the Spring Flower Show in the Yorkshire Show Ground.This is the traditional first flower show of the year. Chelsea RHS flower show is about three weeks away.All the plant nurserys and suppliers were there in two halls with their gorgeous plants.They had made displays on the sides of the pitches for prizes from the organisers.The Spring flower show is organised by the Northern Horticultural Society, a charitable organisation.This Daffodil is the opening colour photo of my selection.After the cold and wet winter its a kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, inspiring, and making you look forward to the summer to come.

The first Plants I looked at were Phlox, beautiful healthy plants, and this one with the delicious pure white petals, and a sweet scent.My phlox never looked like these.They were slug and snail cover as they were ground cover..

These displays of flowers were all for sale, at the end of the day.Various plants had sold tickets hanging off them.If you so wished you could carry a part of the show home with you.I saw them at Tatton carrying massive flower displays on the final Sunday.Its becoming a habit for me to visit these flower shows on the last day!These were Chrysanthenums..

Yellow and Green Mums.So bright you need sunglasses to approach them..

The displays the plant sellers made were amazing some of them.Rocky woodland with running water and pretty jewel like flowers.The shows theme was Yorkshire, so some sellers opted for images of Tea, Miners Strikes, Wensleydale cheese...They gave out prizes for the best display.The ingenuity and creativity were on display through both Flower halls.

Whats spring without a Primula?These were on display through many displays and on many stalls.I love these colours and delicate balls of flowers.

Tildia or something? I cannot remember what these were called.The graceful, airy white flowers splashed with a light orange colour.They are electric looking flowers..

the hearts of the Show.There were a good selection of Dicentras (Bleeding Hearts) in Pinks, and the Whites.I adore these flowers, they are on my wishlist.Maybe the garden will be able to nurture them.I killed off 3 in the mouldy flat before :(

Hippeastrums in shades of Strawberrys and cream, like the sweets.These were called Clown face or something.I prefer the sweets label.The colours are gorgeous with the lime and yellow centres (Chocolate Lime sweets yum).

Aliums were present in the Flower displays.I loved these after Harlow Carr used them in their main border displays.Purple fireworks, then mad looking dried seedheads, as used by the Victorians for Xmas decorations.I wanted an Alium Globemaster but nobody was selling them that I could see.I settled for other bulbs instead for summer.

The Lily's in a rainbow selection of colours.I think its great they could grow flowers to this level of beauty and have them ready for the end of April.All the displays had magnificent specimins. Being grown especially for the three days at the Showground.

Tulips and Daffodils.I loved these colours.It warms your heart after a cold, dark winter.These are like Jewels that appear as messengers for a new growing year.They light up my garden too the Tulips.I have never grown them before this year but im convinced now gardens benefit from their presence in April.

Pink, red, and white.A selection of Geraniums splashed around the display side of the stall, with lots of labels for plant-o-philes to read the variety aloud, like reciting poetary at school.Lots of crys of oohh look at that such and such.Did we grow that before?The neighbours have that etc.The profusion of blooms and colours inspired the mind, and tapped into memorys of summers and springs past.

the final photo of the first post is some sumptuous Springfield Black Pelagoniums.Looking at the photo I wish I had bought this plant now.It looks better noe than it did there.I took its photo so I liked it.There seemed to be a trend to grow darker flowers (as close to black as you can get it).
This darkened Crimson just glows with warmth.The second half is still to come tonight!

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