Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Bring Me Sunshine

The Dwarf Daffodil Minnow in bloom in the windowbox, with the sky reflecting off the kitchen windowsill. Its like a painted backdrop from a really old movie!
I love the delicate petals and central yellow cup. I was doing some research today into Florigraphy and the traditional meaning of Daffodils was "You bring me sunshine".
My camera is over a year old now. I wander how many photos I have taken with it since March 2007! Tens of thousands I should think now.
As the Window reflects the sky, so does the Camera reflect my passions and interests in Flora and Fauna. I have a weakness for Daffodils.This represents the third bloom in the garden this year after the normal Daffodil, and the mystery Narcissus Jonquilles.
My bringers of sunshine are still rising up from their winter slumber. Whereas most of Wakefields Daffs are nodding in the wind, mine are wiping the sleep from their eyes.I think the Tulips will beat them to flowering.

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