Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Best

April showers are falling again, so the allotment day has been postponed untill tomorrow.I am back on night shifts again next week so Monday will be my best chance to dig manure into the beds before planting afterwards. The top photo is a lilac coloured Chionodoxa, in contrast to the electric blue flowers photographed below.

An Anemone in flower. These have sprung up all around the Camellia and Rose bushes in the left border. I need the sun to shine to open the flowers fully.They stay shut when its cold and wet like the past few days.I planted them in December and they have only been visible for a few weeks.I have planted more too for the Summer.They can be grown all year around if started indoors I read.I have planted Anemone De Caens before, the red and white Hollandia and deep blue Mr Fokker.They are pretty with feathery leaves.

A trick shot using a mirror to show how the blue/white Chionodoxa look from the kitchen window.They have the electric blue and white flowers, like bursts of magic in an otherwise grey and cold day.They were planted to contrast with the yellow Daffodil Dwarf Minnows.The Daff's have flowered weeks before the Chionodoxas.A half dozen are pushing their way up through the soil.The Night stock And Virginia Stock are germinating already.The heated cold frame must warm the soil up in the windowbox above it.They should do really well, scented flowers for the day time and the evening.

The Shy Camellia flower that is flowering towards the fence.I used the mirror again and held the leaves away to show the beautiful pink flower.The darker colours make it look like Raspberry ripple ice cream I think.The other buds are developing and hopefully will flower frontwards so I can photograph them without a mirror!
I hope all your weekends are good, and that Spring is in the air too...

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