Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Suprising Return Visitor

On Monday night I was looking at the left hand border when I spotted a small brown body behind the Hyacinths.I looked down, and the mouse looked up. The next night I took some peanuts from the bird feeder and made a pile between the plants.I waited for the light to fade as it was twilight that I ran into the mouse.I stood at the doorway in the cold waiting..

The series of photos shows the nut pile getting smaller as he ran to grab a nut, and then scurry off. Cat reminded me that he looked like the mouse from before who lived in the box. The woodmouse is called Amazon.He has survived the winter and damp spring.

Amazon is a Apodemus sylvaticus, or Long Tailed Fieldmouse.

I sat in the dark for the last photo but left him in peace then to carry off the remaining peanuts. He is a little beauty.Some people do not like mice but he is living outside in the garden.I found a neat pile of shredded sunflower seeds and grains.He had carried them there and under the cover of the Polyanthus and Camelia eaten his bounty, acquired from bird drop all over the garden.
He kept coming out even with my Camera flash on.Maybe the birds have told him I am mad but harmless.I even saw Blackspot yesterday poking her nose under the garden gate before dissapearing over the brick wall in the alley.
Time to brave the weather now and see the allotment.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Brave little mouse, great pictures!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Its nice to have a friend :lol:

The rain drop on the rose is a great picture.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Iowa Gardening Woman.He was cheeky but he has been photographed last December?He sat kept coming for the peanuts and scurried off with a nut wedged in his mouth..
Hi Nancy,He has stayed outside so far.The Grey coloured house mouse is certainly more destructive indoors. Amazon is a fieldmouse living in the privet hedge.He likes the outdoor life I think..
Thanks Chris,Im glad you liked the raindrop photo.I do love water and light as subjects.Plus Roses are my passion too.I have combined the three!
Its so good when nature meets you in the garden.A halfway place!

Rusty in Miami said...

He is cute as long as the stays outside in the garden, great pictures.

Unknown said...

He's so cute!!! I've had several mice in the house here, and the first few succumbed to the "Have A Heart" trap so I could just relocate them. This last visitor, he's a destructive little guy, and he doesn't fall for peanut butter at the end of a long box with a trick door. *sigh*

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Rusty,I love to capture wildlife in photos to blog.Wild nature meets my garden.The garden is like a half way point where humanity and nature can meet...
Thanks Kim,I would draw the line at mice in the house.There are humane traps to capture them however.Im so buddhist now, about the sanctity of life.I capture Spiders now and throw them outside.
Keep trying with other morsels for the destructive mouse you fieldmouse loves sunflower hearts and peanuts.He has left a small pile of neatly chewed sunflower outer casings by the Camellia.I wandered who was a gourmet eater.Like eating a lobster and leaving the shell neatly piled up on the plate.
Amazon is an outdoorsy mouse, and likes the garden :)