Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crowns In The Plot

The Rhubarb was from Hil's new allotment. When I went to see her new plot I took two crowns from the side of her allotment. They were driven up to my allotment and left untill today, after my long days on Thursday and Friday.

Behind the near side long bed is the newly dug Rhubarbs home. I cleared it and forked it over, then planted them. The first plants in the ground. I had a coffee from the flask to celebrate and took a photo.
I forked over all five beds, but got slowed up by the infernal clay and rain water in the ground. The top bed and the top right bed have moats of water around them.
The day was gray but it never rained.I hope it drys out before tomorrow when I return.The time to plant the allotment beds is nearer, just need some warmer, dry days.

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