Friday, April 04, 2008

Ghost Bloom

The mystery bulbs left by my ghostly gardener have bloomed today.It is a fragrant, sweet smelling flower with two flowers within the bud tip.It has long thin green leaves.
It reminds me of a Daffodil hit across the face with a shovel to flatten the flower.
The scent though is so sweet when it wafts up from the flower. Another is almost open behind the first flower.
The Red spears have turned into Paeonies, and have overnight developed chocolate brown leaves and flower buds like lollipops.
There are two types of Peonies growing, the red spears, and others with red stems but green leaves.I think they will be white flowering.I need to research about them.
I will go out each morning and photograph something for the blog.The windowbox Chionodoxa are almost flowering.They have swollen buds at the end of the strappy leaves.
Does anyone recognise what the flower is? I dug up about a hundred small white bulbs which are drying in the outhouse. I left about twenty mystery bulbs in the ground, but do not know what they are. The geraniums, the Viburnum Tinus, the Peonies, and the mystery bulbs were planted before by my ghostly gardener a long time ago..


Anita said...

Hi Snappy!

I am glad to see that you are back to gardening, too? It's been quite a while since we last met on the web! How are you doing? Me, I am alright, life has been quite busy around me during the past weeks and months. I will be off from work next week and cross your fingers that the weather is not that bad! They announed some colder days and even snow? Oh no! I need to start sowing on my veggy plot!

Have a great week-end and I would be very pleased if you drop me a line on my blog if you have time!

Best wishes, Anita

Anonymous said...

Hi Snappy - Greetings from Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California - I always enjoy your blog !
I think I found the answer to your Mystery bulb:
Narcissus Sabrosa
check out
What do you think?

clairesgarden said...

lovely to have mystery bulbs! I get them and I planted them, not recording names and places. . . .
you need to pop into my blog to collect an 'award'

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Or maybe the mystery bulb is the less exotic Narcissus jonquilla single ???

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy, the great thing about the blog is the gardening knowledge you can pick up if you ask!Esp for identifying mystery plants or insects.I never bought these bulbs they were mass planted on the right hand side.I took about eighty congested ones out and left about twenty.Next spring maybe all 100 will be planted!
Greetings Anita,I will drop by your blog over my days off.It has been to cold and wet here to think about veg planting.I still have the soil to improve with manure.I will do it on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I worked all weekend on night shifts.I will enjoy my days off..
Hi CloverAnn thanks for identifying the ghost bloom.I think it is a Narcissus Jonquille, one of the few fragrant Narcissus.It smells really sweet like honey almost.Thanks for taking to the time to comment!I appreciate your efforts as I worked!
Thanks Claire,I never planted these so I di not know what they were.I will drop by for the award, blush :)
Hope your weekend was good!