Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fiery Spring Colour

The ghostly gardeners Peonies are growing really well throughout the left border. A large clump has appeared under the Viburnum.Even more red spears are still appearing.I know they spread through a creeping rhizome as I dug one up before in the name of being nosy...
There are ones with green leaves and red stems and I wander if they are white Peonies?
The Spring Sunshine today cast a warm glow on the plants. The Peony looked fiery in the border as its leaves were illuminated.
The Sun seems to be reaching the end of the garden twice a day.Once as it rises, and today even after it passed over the houses.As Summer goes on I can work out how much of the Garden will get some Sun.
In the Winter I was lucky to see the Sun rays at all due to it being low to the horizon..
I went shopping today for bird seed, and came back with Boot/frog planters x2, a frog with long legs to dangle in the wind, two Rhubarb crpwns from Wilkos, and 55 Dutch Iris for £1!
The Rhubarb crowns looked healthy in the packets. One was called Victoria, and the other Red Canadian.
The second one had rot around the crown! Fingers crossed the potting up will revive it, after I removed the rotted parts. I wander if they pack the crowns wet? Or does moisture form in the bag which turns to mould?
Back to work Friday, then hopefully upto the allotment on Saturday.It has poured down tonight torrential rain.My beds will be swimming, April showers I guess.


Unknown said...

Snappy, that is an absolutely gorgeous shot of the new peony foliage! Wow.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kim.Its good to hear from you on the comment page.The Peonies were a suprise as when I moved in they were slumbering underground.They appeared as red spears but have grown skywards with chocolatey leaves turning dark brown/green which make perfect stained glass for sunlight.It is effervescent in this photo, like an Olympic torch (but without the politics and protests).
I will drop by your blog and leave lots of comments for you :)
The new Baseball Season is started.Have you watched the Indians play yet?