Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sunny Side Right..

The Tulips Empress Fotheriana on Monday have gone mad in terms of size of the leaves, and the rocketing flower buds. What a difference it makes having Sunshine for tea.The garden has sun by the compost bin in the morning as it rises before it goes behind the row of houses on the right, then by the Afternoon the sun reaches the left side of the houses and the right border gets warmed by lovely sunshine.
The left border tulips are developed but not as stunningly as the ones on the right. I think they will all flower around the same time. Reds, oranges, Black Queen Of The Night, and pinks. Some unknown colour with the striped leaves, and of course these ten white Tulips.
The top photo shows the sunshine yesterday evening before I went to work, illuminating the Narcissus.
Two more nights before I can spend a day in the garden to see whats growing on.

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