Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fourteen Views

Some more Views from yesterday. These fiery looking Tulips were flowering by the Study centre.Most of the Tulips were at the same development as mine, with flower buds and stems but not open.Some were just leaves.I love these colours, like the Monsters in Labyrinth that dance around the fire and chuck their heads around.

The Scented Garden was planted with masses of Hyacinths, the fragrance was very heady when the wind blew.I was down on my knees sniffing the flowers, and the Applemints plants with furry yellow leaves..

A purple flowered Spring Primula.I know in the summer the Candalbra Primulas and Himalayan primulas will make the streamside light up.This lilac coloured one is pretty but understated.

Inside the Magnolia Tree flower was this gorgeous centre.Its very science fiction.Alien plant?It smelled divine.I do like Magnolia trees too.This one was covered in gone over pink flowers, pink glory amongst all the Conifers and Fir Trees down from the bird hide.

A simple White Flowering Geranium in the woods as we walked about trying to work out where we were. The wildflower meadow seems to have dissapeared somewhere, or they have mowed the grass!I want to go back to look for the British Orchids I saw last July..

Unknown flower.If anyone knows what this is tell me.The plant had no label on it.Two green strap leaves and these wanderfully ornate, angular flowers in white and yellow.They were on the path to the scented garden.

Inside the Alpine House these Tulips must surely come with sunglasses? Or a bottle of Spanish Sangria. There were some fabulous flowers, delicate showy specimins like this.I hope they raise enough money to rehome all the Alpine plants from the two delapidated greenhouses.They have such an enormous collection.There is something flowering every time I visit, no matter what time of the year.

A work in Progress. Preparing for the summer the gardeners at HC dig in more compost into the main borders. The grasses have been cut, and the topiary clipped.I think they must over winter the perennials somewhere within the garden. Only a few remained like Daylilys and Geraniums.

The Streamside has grown large yellow flowers, like Arums or Triffids? These were the Famous Skunk Cabbage.They have great yellow flowers and bottlebrush sized anthers inside the flower. They develop large leaves afterwards.Last year I missed seeing these flower. This year they are the only thing in Flower by the Streamside gardens.

In Situ, the Skunk Cabbages by the flowing stream..

A waterfall by the Daffodils. the streamside runs through the heart of Harlow carr, and is fed by many tributaries. these flow from the lake as a natural resevoir.there has been a lot of rain.

Looking towards the Gardens through time.I loved the Daffodils and Dogwoods, and the curving path. Paths are much better when they meander and curve around gardens.

By the Tropical Bed in the Stream the Marsh Marigolds? The last photographed flowers before the rain teemed down and soaked the ground.We were in the Car by then driving back,Three hours had passed by. One hundred and twenty photos later..

My Souvenir from the day was a dark Chocolate mouse, and the leaflet.I got a brochure too about Tatton Park, 27th July I have tickets....
I was relaxed and inspired yesterday.It changes every visit and I hope I captured some of the Spirit of HC.
Wander if the Curator reads this?
Back to work tomorrow and friday.Hope your gardens are all growing well.


Lets Plant said...

Absolutely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

the magnolia tree flower is gorgeous!

Port Orchard flowers

Anonymous said...

Great photos David.
Here I am still fighting the snow. But spring is on its way.....

Sue Swift said...

Lovely. Now that spring is here I must shake off my lethargy and get out to see some gardens. if it ever stops raining that is ...

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lets Plant, and Arlene...
Hi Britt,I hope spring comes soon for you.I know you will be excited when the snows go and plants start coming to life again!
Hi Sue,Its rained since my Birthday it feels like.My allotment is sooo boggy in places because of the rain.It was dry today :)
Fingers crossed because I want to plant Veg soon.I hope to go back to Harlow Carr in a month or so.