Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flowerbed Clogs

Its May day today and I thought I would blog a worthy cause in the USA. I do get emails from time to time from people with a commercial interest in selling things via a plug on my blog.
I got an email from a lady working for the Childrens Art Project at the University of Texas, the M.D.Anderson Cancer Centre.
They raise funds for the children and families of the Children effected by cancer. The Art project uses the Childrens Art, so it becomes saleable in various items.They have made millions of dollars for the Cancer centre.
For May they have released these gorgeous Flower bed clogs.
there website address is:

The clogs are selling for $32 a pair. If I had an USA accepted credit card I'd buy a pair.
Small steps can bring benefits to a worthy cause.
I hope that it helps the Cancer centre help more children and families, and inspires new projects to fund the centre and all its activities.Be floral in your footwear!


lisa said...

Thank you for this info! I'm a bit embarrassed to say I hadn't heard of these folks, and I live here...sheesh. I would like a pair of these too, my old clogs are worn way out.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,I hope you get a pair.They look fantastic and they will help out a worthy cause.I live to learn a new thing everyday so thats good you read about them here :)