Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toronto, Tulips, And The Black Book

A little taste of Canada in Wakefield.This is the Orange coloured Tulip Toronto. I found my black book with my Spring Bulb planting plan, after I misplaced (lost) it for months.
I have green fingers but a terrible memory for what has been planted, and the names of plants I have bought.
Its funny seeing how many bulbs I planted and how many are nearly flowering now. Darwin would be smiling, my selection pressure is Mollusc like, as in Slugs and Snails.
The White Tulips on the right hand side are more of a lemon yellow.They have beautiful sweet like inner cups but are hidden artfully at the moment.
Its forecast heavy rain for the next four days so I will get wet at the Spring flower show tomorrow in Harrogate.
I love Cat peeking besides the Camellia bush.The end of April has seen an explosion of growth in the Garden. Both for my flowers and the annual weeds that have germinated en masse. Last decembers digging over has given the annual weeds a lease of life. I have a problem that I need to wait to see which is Annual flowers, and which is annual weeds. Time will reveal which is which.
The late comers to the Spring flowering are the Narcissus minnow, but the flower buds are appearing in the compact strap leaves.
The Muscari are flowering now, a line of blue grapes under the Jonquilles and the pea plants.
The Narcissus Caniculatas on the right border are also only developing flower buds now. The windowbox bulbs have all flowered a mix of yellow, green, and blue. The Virginia Stock, and Scented Night Stock are germinating too between the strappy leaves.As the Spring Flowers fade the Summer ones should take over.
I will take some photos on Monday of the Garden with its bright Spring Colours. Watching the birds flying in and out, and seeing all the Bee's now flying to my Viburnum Tinus, Polyanthus, And even the not opened yet Tulips is very calming.
I am coming around slowly after my four hectic nights.

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