Sunday, April 27, 2008

Robin And Rain

Its Sunday morning and the rain is pouring down outside.I am going to Harrogate today to the Spring Flower Show at the Yorkshire showground.
The camera batterys are charged and ready to come with me.I will see what plants are being sold, and may bring a few back :)
I hope your weekends have been good.I want to get to the allotment next week ready to plant!
I joined the RSPB (Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds) last night online.I will wait for my membership card, and new book of British birds for joining.
The Robin is still a frequent visitor to the Garden, at the ground feeder, and on the table.He likes the fence posts to sit with his head cocked singing away.
The birds still give me enjoyment. Its therapeutic hearing birds singing and watching them fly around. Natures own wild spirits.


Jane O' said...

Your little robin looks like our wrens with a red breast. Our robins are quite a bit larger. Are your robins worm eaters or seed eaters?

Sue Swift said...

Sorry you've had such lousy weather. We've just had three days of bright sunshine - for the first time in a cold, wet miserable April. hope it moves your way - though given the usual weather movement in Europe, it's more likely your rain is on its way to us :(

Georgina said...

hey bruv

i've been getting birds eating the fatballs in my garden. altho they're lovely, whatever bird it is, they leave awfully big poo on my fence!

sis x