Thursday, July 17, 2008

Windowbox And Birds

Two Blue Tits in the garden this afternoon.I am back on nights so not much is happening.I tidied up the windowbox removing the gone over Virginia Stock and Scented Night Stock. I planted some busy lizzies, and a Coleus Black Knight, between the Dutch Iris that are growing on in the windowbox still.
The pots and debris underneath have been cleared up. I saw the first Blackbird in months today eating the fruit off the bird table.
The Robin was singing his heart out today, chirruping away on the fence posts and on the bird table, thrusting his red breast out.
The House Sparrow mob descended several times. I counted twenty three of them on one photo.They are so manic, flying, and hopping, jostling one another for the bird food.
I have three nights, which means the birds can enjoy the garden without me disturbing them.I will sit on the Rose bench daily though after the night shift and listen to the bird sing.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, I get lots of birds but mainly starlings and take a lot of feeding....I put out lots of different feed to attract a mix of birds, the doves and pigeons take the seed and the peanuts and the starlings the fat feed. So no interesting birds to photograph at the mo for me....all tips welcome. I have decided to go with pink, lilac and white for the hanging baskets what do you think?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lynn,Sorry for slow reply to your comment.Busy lizzies, and Lobelia are good for pink, lilac, and white.
I have million bells and double flowering petunias too.
I have a small flock of house sparrows and blue tits that come to feed regular.
I saw a blackbird, mistle thrush, and a collared dove last night.
the Robin comes a lot too, but he thinks its his garden.