Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tatton Park 2008:Floral Marquis

The floral marquis housed eighty seven different plant nursery's and growers with everything you could possible want for a garden.It was busy and full of people buying plants and toting them around the show ground in plastic bags or trolleys.I waited until the end to buy my two Chili plants.The sun was that fierce outside it would have stressed the plants.The plant creche was available too.On the last day people could buy the display flowers if they agreed a price.Lots had "plant sold" on a piece of paper.These exhibits had been going for five days and most looked fresh as day one.

What a beautiful flower. Its netherworld like and maybe should be on the sea bed floor by coral and tropical fish.I cannot remember what it was either.

Dahlias, I love these flowers. So many beautiful colours and forms from the ancient plant parents.They are made for exhibiting at these flower shows.

An Orchid in flower.My Phalaenopsis is still not flowering and I have had it a year.These Orchid sellers can make masses of them flower just for the show.

A white Echinacea. This is a gorgeous specimen of a flower..

Oriental Lilly's, double Lilly's, Pollen less ones..These are also beautiful when displayed like this.It makes me want to grow masses of the same kind for colourful effect.

The exhibitors always take great care and planning in creating mini displays on the sides of their stalls.These are judged too by the RHS judges and awarded medals.

Look at all the Agapanthus. These were prevalent in the floral marquis, and within the show gardens and back to backs.They have been taken on by British gardeners this well travelled South African plant with firework flowers.

The Gladiolus display.Mine in the garden are only just showing the flower spikes now and are a month away from flowering.These were popular during the sell off at the end of the day.People wanted to carry away a little of the Tatton Park RHS flower show.For a while anyway, the sunshine wilted a lot of them.

Waterside nursery were here this year. I saw them at the Harrogate spring flower show.They had water Lilly's in flower this time.Their display made me want a water container even more in my garden.You can see the containers around the edge of the big water display.

The sumptuous Nasturtium Empress Of India in flower.I want to grow these next year.Maybe in the window box so i can see the lovely flowers.

Peruvian Lilly's in a gorgeous display from Peter Smiths Alstromerias.I love the Inca magic charm of these flowers.They were born to be exhibited or form the central part of a garden.They make fabulous cut flowers too.
That's my fourth post about Tatton Park flower show.Only one more to go.I am on nights so i will write these and post date them.
I hope it inspires people to visit their own flower shows and then share what they have seen, and what they liked.

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