Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flaming Flowers And Blue Butterfly

The gorgeous fiery flowers of the Heleniums, with the blue butterfly, and crimson Coleus below. It was so hot yesterday when i was working.
The Roses have opened up on the last two Roses that have not flowered. One has an identity crisis and has deepred/ pink coloured petals (instead of the yellow rose on the label that came with it), whilst the climber Zephrine Drouhain has a lighter pink and a lovely orange scent against the brick wall by the backdoor.
My white Asiatic Lillys are nearly open now in a pot by the kitchen door.The Pot Dahlias and Casablanca Lily are close to flowering too.
Cats going away to Florida for two weeks so I will be gardening, working, and doing stuff up at the allotment.The sunshine of Friday was glorious, and I wish I had been outside up at the plot.
I will take photos when im here to show what has flowered over the next sixteen days.
Enjoy your weekends wherever you garden :)

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