Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teasel Time

The Teasel has started flowering with its lilac and blue coloured flowers. It will hopefully make the seed heads later that the garden birds will come to eat in the autumn.

It flowers a few rows at a time. these flower spikes are so tactile, and feel like a comb when you touch them.The rest of the plant is very sharp and the spines catch me if I stand too close to it.

The plant is now about two metres tall with thirty two of the flower spikes.I have seen ladybirds, beetles, bee's, and hoverflys on the plant.I got it from Harlow Carr originally.One plant is still at the basal leaf stage and has not grown really well.
The second one is in the photo and is taller than me.It has beautiful architectural qualityys because of its height and great flower spikes.
There is a popularity to plant cultivated wild flowers to attract native wildlife into a garden.

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