Thursday, July 10, 2008

Open Gardens

I watched a programme last night called Open Gardens on the BBC i player. It was presented by the Gardeners World presenter Carol Klein.
Members of the public in the UK were trying to get entry into the Yellow book, an annual handbook for the National Garden Scheme:
Four hundred of the best, most innovative peoples gardens are opened for a day to raise money for charity.
Regional judges come around and scrutinise the peoples gardens, to see if they are of high enough standard, without too many glaring faults, and are safe enough for the paying public to visit.
Eight hundred people had applied for a place in the yellow book, with only four hundred reaching the judges standards.
These are peoples private gardens, being opened to the paying public for a few days a year.
I think that in America, some Citys have a similar scheme to open private gardens.The NGS scheme raises money for charitys and has done since 1927.
It says on the website that the garden must keep people interested for 45 minutes including refreshments.
Would you be brave enough to let people pay to come into your private garden? For me my garden is a reflection of me, and designed to please me. My garden (it is only visible from the back gate and nobody except the neighbours ever walks past) is seldom seen, and from the front of the house there is no clue to the lush green of the massed planting at the back.
Only people who I have invited in have seen it in person. Although I guess blogging the garden and all its flowers is opening it up to the world.
The NGS scheme blurs the difference between Public gardens and Private ones. Does blogging count as a worldwide open garden scheme where visitors can drop in and take a look, and leave comments if they desired?

Ps (The photo is of a deliciously scented Chocolate Cosmos..Am off to bed soon..its the Great Yorkshire Show today in Harrogate!Expect a few animal photos :)


Niels Plougmann said...

Nobody is a harder judge when it comes to criticize the work in our own gardens, than ourselves. Me and 2 other friends who have small gardens, was thinking about making our garden open to the public one day. But I think we are all too shy - I seem to be the only one of us willing to exhibit my garden in public in my blog. My garden is however my own private eden - and I do not want other to JUDGE whether it is good enough to have paying visitors. A small garden like our can bring just as much joy than bigger gardens - even though they have to be designed differently.

David (Snappy) said...

Thank you Niels for your thoughtful words.I guess I am displaying my garden via the blog, although I am reluctant to show the warts and all, unless it was instructive.Small gardens can be joy bringing as you try to work around the size, and think laterally.I have planter boxes, hanging baskets,a mini patio vegetable patch in four large bags, pots with tree's and larger plants.
I am looking at it and always thinking what else can I do?
It would be hard if people judged your garden negatively.As long as it brings joy to you, and your family then its working.