Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Flowering Garden Today

I thought I would stop blogging about Tatton and move my post back to my own garden.It is the thirtieth of July and everything is starting to bloom.It is like garden fireworks by flowers.This is the colourful, densely planted and container lined left border.The view from the kitchen window and the blue chair by the back door.

My Teasel has become a firm favourite of the bee's.the Lavender has not done well, maybe because of the rain and wet conditions this year.The bee's are in my garden constantly, their droning noises and black and yellow bodys are a sound from the summer.They are pollinating the teasel flowers, and hopefully the seed heads will attract the Goldfinches in the Autumn.The plants are awesome too, two metres high, and full of these cone like flower heads.

The Rose Florida Dreams? has three beautiful blousy big flowers on.The scent is orange like and quite delicate.My yellow Rose will have to be bought in the winter bare root ready for planting. Maybe another David Austin?

The Ranunculus look gorgeous. They are like coloured candies in a sweet shop.The bees have alighted on these too.My friendly sunflower scarecrow looks bemused behind them. The flowers are reflexive and curl up tightly shut at night to sleep. I wander what dreams they have?

The second DayLily flower.It lasts only a day, but such elegant beauty.I want more Daylilys next year, maybe grown with some slug protection.

My white Asiatic Lillys have both bloomed.The front flower joined the one that flowered on Sunday.The scent from these is so strong.Its a personel prefernce whether you like the scent of lillys.I love them.They are delicate white, with lime green edging, and the biggest brightest red stamen ever.Even I can smell them from the kitchen door as the wind blows the heavy scent around the garden.I have two more Lillys to bloom yet, my Oriental Stargazers, and the romantic wedding Casablanca Lilly.I hope these white blooms inspire them both.

The Echinacea in flower on a gloomy cloudy day.The butterflys have not found it yet, but i think it needs the pollen to start being produced in the central cone.I have watched these mature from juvenile plants, to the spikey central cone, before the petals form upright, then grow outwards before they get the purple colour.It is a perennial so it should come back next year too.

A Dahlia in flower in the left border.It has survived a slug and snail attack to bloom.Lemon yellow colour.I have three more in Pots, and another two growing in the left border. A sixth Dahlia has not bloomed yet of unknown colour.

Bronze Fennel in flower.These are like yellow lace delicately dancing over the ferny foliage.This plant needs rehoming in the soil when there is a gap for it.

The last photo from my garden is the bee on the Teasel.Colours, scents, and bee's complete the floral fireworks display. Every day in the July garden.

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Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Lovely garden! It looks fantastic, all so tightly packed together. The teasel is pretty, such a delicate shade of blue.