Friday, July 18, 2008

Snappys Flower In Bloom

Some Astrantia Major in flower from a few days ago.Do they look familiar?
The clue is at the top of the blog page.

I like to take ideas from all the gardens I have seen, both public and private.These beautys I saw first at Harlow Carr in June 2007.
I looked everywhere for the perennial roots and finally found some.They said they were red flowering, but have turned out white with lime green edging, and pink pin cushions within.Next year this plant should flower even more spectacularly.
A lot of my plants are perennials that should come back again with more vigour and more flowers.
The Monkshood, Chocolate Cosmos, Echinaceas, Eryngiums, Day Lily D'Oro, Crocosmia, and the Astrantia Major are seven perennials that should flower year after year, and be split eventually to pass along to other gardeners.
Its raining again.The wet weather continues putting flowers behind time with the cool and damp.Two more nights to go for me.
The Astrantia is Snappys archetypal flower.


clairesgarden said...

i love the flower of the astrantia is fascinating and love taking flowers of them.

Anonymous said...

These look lovely David. My first sunflower opened today. Hows the allotment doing. Am hoping to be back at work Tues....still not well though!!

Wayne said...

Loved the Astrantia header! Then I found your post on them. Here's a link to 2 I have in my garden.
I'll be back to read more!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Claire,I photograph them wherever I see them.So far that is Harlow Carr, Hilarys garden, my garden, and at Tatton Park flower show.They are so perfectly formed!
Hi Lynn,not seen you for ages.I hope you feel better soon.My first sunflower is nearly blooming..
Hi Wayne,thanks for your comment.I will look up your flower.The header is part of my blog now.The photo just works so well even im in awe sometimes how well it came out.A few Bridal bouquets have been made with it once they asked me what the white flower is!