Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Colours Of The Rainbow

The colours of the garden range from fiery reds and oranges to cool blues and purples.The Fuschia is called Blacky.Its lower parts are dark almost black, with the hot pink upper petals..

A Rose bud on the right hand border.I cannot remember its name untill its fully open.The colour is like molten lava, but very bright..

The Helianthus growing next to the Lady Emma Hamilton rose, in front of a backdrop of green.The garden is like the Emerald Isle with all the varieties of green as a canvas, to the paintbox colours of the flowers.

Cats Calendula has finally flowered.These self seed madly and the claw like seeds can last many years in the soil.I collected the seeds from Cats house before, and am pleased to see it actually flowering!I do love the orange.Reminds me of Hare Krishnas in York, orange juice, and flames..

Where the Hot and cold colours collide.The Rose Red Devil next to the cool blue Monkshood.I planted the bare root roses before I had any idea of colouring the borders with the selection of flowers.

The Monkshood in flower. Its flower buds look like Guylian Seashells (the Chocolates). I have seen the bees flying into the blue cowls of the monks..

Hydrangea starting to flower.My rusty nails and screws have nicely made the flowers turn blue in an alkaline soil.It does work putting rusty metal at the root level to keep the flowers blue.It was an experiment to see if the old wives tale was true about rusty metal turning the flowers blue.the local Hydrangeas are mostly pink and white flowered.

The cool coloured Chamomile. I have kept the first flowers for drying ready to make some Chamomile tea.The white and yellow contrasts to the light green of the foliage.

The gorgeously scented Freesias, in White with the yellow bits.The purity of the white is a nice contrast to the reds, oranges, and blues.
A selection of some of my flowers in a variety of colours, a rainbow garden.

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