Monday, July 07, 2008

A Different Point Of View

The birds eye view today of my garden from the spare room, looking down on it. It is good to see things from a new view point.I usually sit by the back door, or on the rose bench at the end of the garden.
The bottom right corner of the photo shows a wild butterfly bush that is growing out of a drain pipe. I thought I would leave it to see if Butterflys come to the flowers, even though they are twenty feet in the air...
The papers today were full of gloomy stories about the British summer being washed away, with two months of rain.
I watched the Wimbledon mens final yesterday which was an epic in three parts because of the rain. Rafael Nadal won the title in five sets lasting nearly five hours!I had slept for two hours and got up to watch it..
A British summer has Strawberrys and cream, Wimbledon tennis, and rain. My Strawberry planter is to the right of the rose bench.I have had a few fruits this year, but the heavy cropping should begin next year when the plants are two years old.
I watched the birds today, and the garden resident rat climb to get to a bird feeder suspended on a fence post.She climbed all the way up, then fell off..
A neighbours Cat called Spice keeps coming to see me in the morning. This started during my night shifts when I sat in the garden with coffee before bed. She is very friendly.
The masses of House Sparrows continue to raid the bird feeders and fatballs. Blue tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits, and Robins join in occasionally.The entire House Sparrow fledgling population seems to frequent my garden, sometimes eighteen of them!
The Teasel is taller than me now, ready for the seedheads to dry and attract the Goldfinches..
I saw a bird eating my black Thistle seed that has been hung for months. At least one bird likes it, as the Goldfinches did not come to it yet.
As i write this the rain continues to pour down. I hope to get to the allotment tomorrow, maybe with an umbrella and some wellington boots. The rain will hopefully make all my vegetables grow beautifully.

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