Monday, July 07, 2008

Aztec Gold

In flower today two floral treasures of the Aztecs, Dahlias.
The first one is so brilliant it dazzled the camera with its hot pink tones.
Its called "Wink".

These plants travelled from South America to Spain, before being bred to form thousands of hybrids in a rainbow explosion of colours and forms.

The second one is brilliant in the colour of the central eye contrasting to the light coloured tones of the outer petals.
It is called "Kiss"
I have three more Dahlias growing in pots, and two unknown varietys that have grown in the left border from December planting.
These flowers are some of the most beautiful in my garden today.
These flowers have been in cultivation for thousands of years and its easy to see why.
I want to grow Dahlias at the allotment next year for cut flower display.

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