Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fuschia Flamenco

One of my hanging baskets has a Fuschia Winston Churchill in it.The flowers are so vibrant and energetic in the colour of the blooms.
The Lobelia and Busy Lizzies have been slow to start off but are growing on slowly.
Its raining this morning, so I know the allotment and garden will be drinking deeply.
One more night shift left.I ate this morning from the garden a Raspberry, a Strawberry, and some baby Pea's Petite Pois.
The Fuschia flowers remind me of spanish flamenco dancers, with twirling, whirling skirts and limbs outstretched..


Georgina said...

Hey Bruv!

Saw you briefly this AM online - hope you sleep well after your last night shift.

The flamenco fuschia looks gorgeous. I hope you bring some of your harvested goods when you come visit, fresh peas sound lovely.

Sis x

Anonymous said...

The flamenco fuchsia does look gorgeous. I'm often not a fan of double flowers, but these are wonderful.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jawsy Sist,I will try to bring some fresh homegrown produce when I visit.I will try to get some cuttings for you of the Fuschia Winston Churchill (the one in the photo).Catch up soon I hope...
Thanks Pomona,I had not noticed they were double flowers.My most spectacular Fuschias are the double ones.Winston Churchill, and Blackie are gorgeous!Like Can Can dancers skirts...