Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tatton Park 2008:Show Gardens

This is a small selection from the show gardens category.I found after the back to backs most of these did not inspire me.The theme running through most of these was hard landscaping with plants added.It did not help that the contractors had people walking across the gardens to get quotes for business.The best in show was Chris Beardshaws traditional borders garden.A central feature at the show.It could be seen from three angles long grass lawn with some made herbaceous and perennial planting.It looked like it had been there for years.The bees were buzzing around all the plants and the colours were superb.

The sunlight illuminated the gorgeous flower colours.I'm glad the plants won over the hard landscaping..

The Samaritans garden invited people to walk around it.It had strong vertical structures, water, and a mixture of wild and tamed planting.It was to show that they are available for 365 days a year for people in distress or that are suicidal.The photo shows the people walking around it.

Aqualife used three different shaped pools within a parkland setting.It was so densely planted and was quite hard to photograph.The garden design looks great from above but not as good from ground level.It was a garden for a family, and had quiet secluded areas.

A modern looking garden called Real Life By Brett.I liked the stainless steel pyramids with water cascading down them into the square pools.There is too much stone for my liking.

The Addington Relax And Reflect Garden had these groovy red boxes.It was designed as a series of rooms within a garden.The main feature was a water cascade down clear perspex against the back wall.It has a mixture of strong structural plants and herbaceous plants.

Tales From A Chinese Garden was reflecting on Chinese contribution to all our garden plants. Sixty percent of them originate from China.It has this cool art work in a pool, a waterfall made with tin cans, and a lady playing a traditional Chinese instrument like a horizontal harp.I did like these out of all the show gardens.This was part of the Cheshire year of the garden 08.

Cheshire Al Fresco took part of Southern France and moved it to Tatton Park.I liked the mass planting of Lavender, with the Hollyhock, and Agapanthus.A little basket sat in the middle of the Lavender ready for cutting.Most of the plants were chosen for their drought resistant qualitys which is already more visible in southern France than here.

At The End Of My Garden was designed for the Marie Curie cancer care.It was a cottage garden with a shed, cut wood and an axe.A stream flowed through the middle of the garden.A fallen Oak tree was the seat for reflection near the back of the garden.It was inspired by the work of the Marie Curie nurses caring for teminally ill patients at home, surrounded by the people and things they love.

the Teenage Cancer Trusts Punks Not Dead garden contrasted some spikey wild planting on the left with the formal structure and planting of an Italian garden to the right.It was inspired by an argument between father and son during the 1970's the height of punk rock.

My Own Little Bit Of The Lakes.Another garden inspired by the Lake District.I love the mixture of water and planting.
There were a few good ones, but the majority were not as good as last year.I hope 2009's flower show at Tatton Park will inspire me more.

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