Friday, July 04, 2008

The Sounds Of Summer

From the garden this morning an Anemone that has flowered besides an Echinacea that has not.The sun was shining, and the sky was a brilliant blue.After the night shift I sat in the garden with coffee taking random photos.New flowers had appeared overnight.
Every day I find something new in bud, or blooming.The garden is becoming technicolour, with all shades of flowers appearing in the sea of green.
The Tomatos are setting their first fruits, the Peas are starting to swell.The Raspberrys are starting to ripen and turn the red colour.
The plants are growing well in the mix of sunshine and showers.They form lovely combinations together which work well sometimes.
There is so much to blog.Once I have finished the nights I will do a garden highlights, maybe the slide show so I can blog as many photos as I take!
The dense planting is working to keep the moisture in, and the weeds out.It is almost tropical looking.The only thing I have not seen yet is Butterflys.I'm hoping they will come this month, as my Butterfly Bush is blooming now in the corner.
The most popular two Bee plants are the Catnip Six Hills Giant, and the turquoise/blue/purple Cerinthes!These are always buzzing with many varieties of bee's.They make a lovely droning noise as they fly to the pollen rich flowers.The birds are always singing too.The buzzing of flying bees and the songs of the garden birds are the sounds of the summer for me.
Ps Have a happy Independence Day all my American bloggers!


Philosophical Karen said...

I love the look of echinacea buds. They are full of such promise as they grow from green to pink.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen, I love the flowers, but have never grown them before.Its interesting seeing how they are developing.I hope they will attract lots of bees and butterflys too, as well as looking gorgeous.