Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Its Sunny out and I am going back to Harlow Carr today.
The photo is of a narcissus, one of the ghostly gardeners bulbs.
I love the sunlight on the flower petals.I was trying to capture the sweet glow of the flower.
When the sun shines these Daffodils and Narcissus light up the Spring garden..


Zoë said...

I think Daffodils are one of my all time favourites. The simpler the flower is the better, I am not mad about some of the more recent cultivars. Have a wonderful day at Harlow Carr, I visit Wisley a lot as its local to me.

Zoë said...

Yes, its a half our drive for me to Wisley, I'd rather go there than to the shops!

It's a vast garden and changes every week. Im am an RHS member so it costs nothing but the petrol to go, and I sometimes use the Library there for study too. I have probably been more than 5 times this year alone! I went to Rosemoor last September, very lovely - smaller, and different. Keep meaning to make a weekend of it with the OH , and visit Hyde Hall and Beth Chatto's garden in Essex.

Look forward to seeing your Gentian pictures.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy,Daffodils and Narcissus floating in the wind with sunshine iluminating the petals is better than prozac!It can lift winter blues...
Thanks Zoe, for both comments.I want to visit all the RHS gardens eventually.But three of them are down south.I guess thats why I like HC so much because its close, and relevant to Yorkshire Gardening.
I would much rather look at a beautiful garden than go shopping (except plant shopping).
You have an abundance of gardens to go to.Im glad you use the library and have been five times.It means you are as passionate as me, and love a changing garden who looks different every visit!