Monday, October 01, 2007

Stand and Deliver

The Happy Snappy in flower today. I like the Red/pink flower with the vanilla throat, and dark stripes, like Adam and the Ants from the 1980's. Stand and Deliver!

I got another flower catalogue through the post. This one was from Dibleys, pages and pages of Streptocarpus, African Violets, Foliage Begonias, and Other Strange Houseplants that I have never heard of.

From never hearing of Streptocarpus before, I now have five plants growing on the windowsills.

I am thinking about other colours that I dont have like White, yellow, or Blues. The plug plants only cost £2.30, which is probably about $3 in US money.

They are easy to grow, and give lots of flowers from April to Winter. They have survived the flat and will be moving with me to Windowsills new.

Im back on Seven night shifts this week, so the posts will slow down. I got a comment from Sue about a Retro Carnival Blog post, republishing your favourite old post again. I need to think as I have posted over 2200 times in three years :)

I will leave the link here:

Hope all the people who visit here click on the link to read Sue's post. It will be a little bit of Winter Warming as the Northern Hemisphere slows down a little.


clairesgarden said...

nice flower! so detailed.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Claire :), glad you like the photo.I love the Flower, especially as i grew it from a plug plant!