Friday, October 12, 2007

Scarlet Flowers

The Scarlet flowers of the Runner beans: Phaseolus coccineus

Pat grew these plants in a raised bed, a foot above the water logged grass. They went ballistic growing eight feet high, and were covered in the Red flowers and the Beans.

I love the Rain drops hanging on the edges of the flowers. My magic beans post displayed the purple/white seeds.

Some people grow them for the flowers alone, and would not eat them. Im not sure how you cook the beans..Any ideas or recipies?

I have planted a single Daffodil bulb in a pot today. I brought it back from Mums when I was digging her borders. A single Bulb. After my How to Articles I thought I had better plant a spring bulb.

The house is a possibility again. After much chasing the Landlord is agreeing to send a reference to an agency.How much easier is it to plant seeds, then it is to get a rental house through an estate agent?

The plants are excited that they may finally be leaving the Flat, for a proper garden with soil and sunshine. I will have to move the Internet too and phone line. It is a proper address so it should not be difficult as it was setting it up here :)

I have about a Dozen Runner bean seeds in a clear plastic pot. I watched a programme the other day called the Victorian Garden. It was from the 1980's I think, and was an experiment to use Victorian Garden techniques to run a small country estate. They planted runner beans directly into the ground, grew Melons in a steam pipe heated green house, Prepared seed beds by shuffling in straight lines with shoes held together.

I may need UK tv Gardens on Cable to see how they got on. They used Heirloom Seeds commonly used by the Victorians. My Fav was dried pea seeds fifty years old that the head gardeners Dad had used. He found his Dads old seeds in an envelope in a shed. Amazingly some of them still germinated.

I want Runner beans growing up poles and strings, for the Scarlet flowers :)

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