Monday, October 22, 2007

Ladybird Ladybird

In the News today was the story that 720,000 Ladybirds have been released in Manhattan as an effort to stop an aphid infestation. These lovable bugs were collected in Oregon, California and Nevada and have been chilled to put them in a sleepy state. They were then flown by aircraft across the USA, by the company planet natural:

I lifted the image from Wikipedia as my own photos were not great that I have on this computer.

There must be some Aphid problem in Manhattan. I like these coloured beetles as a sign of Spring. My photos of them were taken in April and May.

Heres the AP news story link:

The BBC reported it as well, a day later. The story has grown wings just like the ladybirds (or Lady Bugs in USA).They will be feasting well, the natural balance will have be tipped in favour of the good guys. Not a pesticide in sight either..


Priscilla George said...

That's great that they are using nature to find nature instead of pesticides. I wrote about beetles today too how strange. I've heard that here in San Antonio we get lady bug season with thousands of lady bugs. We already had cricket season from hell. I would like to think I can tolerate the lady bugs more than grasshoppers. It was gross crunching on those things into work it made me scream. I don't to crunch lady beetles!

Priscilla George said...
I saw your comment about my freecycle find. They do have freecycle in UK. I found the site according to your profile. Not sure if you still live there but you can do a search for freecycle where you live. It's a nice place to get free things or get rid of anything you no longer need.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Vanillalotus,I thought I had replied to your first comment (i did but on your blog!).I will check it out and see what I can find.Then share my recycled treasures with the blogosphere!

lisa said...

My house is FULL of ladybugs right now! I hate to vacum them up, but I cannot sleep with them crawling all over the ceiling...*sigh* I sure wish they'd hibernate somewhere else!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa, you must have lots of good luck.I only ever see them here in May or June.They fly off somewhere then untill next year.
Dont know if i'd like them crawling over my cealing.They look much better in a garden :)