Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cat's Snaps

These Snapdragons were flowering in Cats Garden still in October. I love the smell of these flowers like toy Candy sticks. A sweet smell I forever associate with growing up. I used to buy (and still do) the Candy sticks in rectangular boxes. These days these are decorated with super heros or tom and jerry.

Here is a flower with longevity from summer to autumn and beyond. I had Snapdragons last year that survived winter. Although they are listed as an annual. The only thing they do not like is being transplanted. Once they are in the ground thats where they should stay.

These are on my wishlist for a border plant. They can be bought dwarf, or normal height, and in a mixture of colours. They are also easy to raise from seed. Nurserys normally stock these as a summer bedding plant.

I must buy some Seeds to start some new plants off for next year.


xxsnappygirlxx said...

wow snappy i think you have just educated us all,how such a lovely colourful flower could be so birthday is same as st james day happy blogging

Priscilla George said...

We call the candy stick Candy cigarettes. I loved those when I was little! I've never smelt snapdragons before. My childhood memory flower is honeysuckle and stargazer lilies. We always had tons of honeysuckle. My mom always got stargazer lilies for her birthday and they would smell up the whole house. I need to try snapdragons someday especially if they smell like candy sticks.

David (Snappy) said...

I know its your Birthday Snappygirl.I thought that as I typed it!
Hi Vanillalotus I knew them as candy cigarettes too with glowing red tips.I love your childhood flowers.Delicious smells of honeysuckle and stargazer lillys.You must try to find some snapdragons to smell.See if you agree with me about the scent!