Friday, October 05, 2007

Ruby Raspberry Ripple

My free Streptocarpus Plant Ruby, with the mad looking flower nearly open. All five are in flower now, although the black Panther is drooping now. It only had the one flower bud on it.
I have been told the streptocarpus with the Furry leaves is a Cape Primrose.That did not show me any exact pictures on a google image search.
The Fourth night shift is over, three more to go. I love this flowers colours, the blurry Pink colour reminds me of an ice cream, with swirling white and Red colours inside the petal.
It is similar to the Happy Snappy streptocarpus. Will dream soon of the new garden and all the flowers that will bloom :)

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Anonymous said...

Cape Primrose is a general common name for any Streptocarpus I think.