Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coloured Light

is from the Busy lizzy plant on the windowsill. It is flowering still (Along with the Cyclamen they are the only flowers in the flat). It has the most beautiful red/pink flowers with petals like tissue paper catching the fading light.
I worked a long day yesterday, but have been off today. I bought a new mouse and mouse mat. Since I spend a lot of time on the computer, and the other mouse was unresponsive or sullen at times It was time for a new one.
Its got a pink top, but clear sides with crazy blue/pink/red lights inside that change colour depending on movement or stillness.
I dropped off paperwork intot the estate agents.I hope after nearly 4 weeks that they will let me have a moving date!
Apart from packing boxes I need British Telecom to move my landline and broadband to the new address.
Fingers and toes are crossed. My chilli plants want new windowsills to grow on over the autumn and winter.
The Window Frog will be moving too with the boxes, and the plants in the near future I hope :)

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Priscilla George said...

At first I didn't know what busy lizzy was but after a google search I found out. Impatiens are one of the plants that I always look at but I never end up buying for some reason. I did get some for a friend of mine as a new job present.

I hope you get your new place with lots of plant space. I'm excited for you I have the small space blues.