Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hanging Around

A Spider hanging around from the visit to Pats Garden a while ago.

Spiders get themselves busy in the Autumn spinning intricate webs between anything vertical and just dangle in the Breeze.

This Spider let me photograph him closely. Another wander of Nature.

The estate agent have not rung me yet about this house, so I am hanging around too :)

The Camera is empty of Battery, and needs recharging again, ready for more flower photos!


KC MO Garden Guy said...

Hey Snappy, great picture of the spider. I haven't been lucky enough to capture a spider. All the time I try they run off or they come out blurry. I'll keep trying.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi KC Mo Garden Guy,Thanks!The spider held still on the web.I usually take a half dozen photos to get one clear one.Thats why flowers are such good subjects as they stay still most of the time.
Wildlife and insects are harder to photgraph because they move about just getting out of focus!
Hope you capture one soon :)