Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Blue and the Pink

As Rolf Harris used to say do you know what it is yet? This flower was from my collapsed Cyclamen. It had totally dried out to the roots. I took off the collapsed flowers and dead leaves and watered it. The magic of H2O in reviving wilted plants is spectacular sometimes. From sickly to healthy in an hour or so of water being taken up from the bottom of the pot.
The heater has been on a few times, so the heat must have taken all the moisture out from the soil. It is reviving now on the Kitchen window Sickbay :)
What interested me is the flower from beneath, a pollinators eyes view. It has a blue crown with pollen fillaments as the golden adornments. The dark Pink strip highlights the crowns position.
The Reflexive petals are usually held aloft like a pretty pink Light bulb and you do not see the underside of the flower. This is usually hidden from view above the variegated green leaves. I hope my plant recovers from its shock. It already looks more healthy.
Photographing the fallen flower has shown me a part of it I have never seen before. Its always good to try and look differently at things we think we know. The wander of Vision as a sense!


Priscilla George said...

It's funny how things can capture your attention with a little change. I think this is an interesting photo. The dark pink looks almost like plastic. I hope you revive your cyclamen. I'm been wanting to get some myself.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks VanillaLotus,I was looking lice night for inspiration for a new acrylic painting.I started off with water lilys then stumbled onto Lotus flowers.Im gonna try to paint one later.I will blog the revived Cyclamen.Its not happy in the pot though.Its a better garden plant I think.I have never had one before :)