Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spider Plant in Flower

A Late Sunday post. My spider plant has got a single white flower on it. I do not think i have ever seen a spider plant in flower.Its sat by the front room window, happily growing mad.It is an heirloom plant, that was my first encounter with growing a living thing many years ago.I hope it has baby plants too to make Volunteer plants :)
Has anyone else seen their spider plant in flower? It is a small six petaled white flower with golden yellow anthers.


Sue Swift said...

I have a lot of spider plants and they flower all summer. You tend not to notice them if you don't look closely because they're so small.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sue,Its only because I looked Closely that I saw it had a flower.After I took the photo the flower closed up and has remained Shut.It has about five flower buds on the Stolon (Thats a posh word I read on Wikipedia about spider plants.A horizontal runner like the ones that come off strawberry plants).Im waiting for the baby plants to grow onto the stolon so I can propogate them.It has grown really well since Fran brought me it back from the Seaside as a gift! It has increased in Size!

Anonymous said...

Use google to search more about flowering of spiders but I hear that it is actually quite common. It seems that there are certain environmental criteria that cause this, and it seems as though you have achieved what was necessary. Enjoy the flowers I and others desire to obtain but haven't found the correct formula for!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing on my plant just reciently, I thought that it was neat so I cross pollinated the flowers and the plant is generating seed pods now. Any idea on if the seeds will be viable when the pods open?

Anonymous said...

I also have the spider plants, and they bloom all the time, even during winter.
I water them with a liquid "Schultz" 8-11-9 African Violet plus plant food.
I use this on all of my potted house plants. Even my "mother-in-law " tongue blooms. :)
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Mine flowers every summer. Sometimes even in the winter when I've been overdoing it with the hearting. =D