Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mouse without a trowel

This is the mouse away from the trowel! It will be used daily on the gardens blog, and replying to the emails. I'm waiting for a gardening book to be sent from a book publisher who emailed me, so I can review their book on here. The Snappy Gardeners first book review coming soon I hope. Just waiting for the postman....
Last year the Garden blogs became all literary. As winter cold took hold, and the dark nights closed in garden bloggers began to read garden books. Then post reviews of books both classic, old, and new.
As gardeners move from the garden into the computer chair, they can read books, seed and plant brochures, and relive highlights for the past year with their best or favourite photos. The amount of daily visitors here has slowed down from the heady days of summer, with sweet smelling flowers and buzzing bee's. I will be here blogging almost daily with plants, flowers, storys, photos galore, and books to remind us of spring and summer.
My trowel is in the canvas bag waiting for the go ahead to move. I have garden tools stored in Hils garage. I hope to be renovating the overgrown garden over the winter, and blogging my progress.
I have some brochures to read now. The Suttons flower catalogue, and the Marshalls kitchen garden catalogue. There is something comforting in a gardener reading brochures, making mental notes of what can grow where. How next year all your garden will grow beautifully and productively. Weather, pests, and soil problems are blown away on the dreams of a more beautiful garden. Lists are written, prices added up. I write wishlists, and work out how much i can really afford, then cross off the excess items!
The photos are pristine flowers, and vegetables, airbrushed to perfection. These perfect specimins are our inspiration during cold, dark nights. They are predicting a very cold winter here after a few mild years.
How do garden bloggers prepare for winter?


Priscilla George said...

That is an awesome mouse and pad! I'm not sure what I will do in winter. Probably I'll winter sow. Maybe make lists of what seeds I want and can start in the spring. At least I don't have a long time to wait.

clairesgarden said...

winter wish lists, they grow and grow. . . .
hope the house deal runs smoothly for you.

lisa said...

Heh, I'm still planting things! Bulbs mostly, some straggling perennials. After that I'll start piling horse manure over the tops of my gardens to give the plants a "long winter's snack". After that, well, same as you: shop and plan and blog! I'm so glad to hear that you are working on a house purchase...fingers croseed!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Vanillalotus,Sounds like the same as me almost.Seeds and lists through the winter..
Thanks Claire, It has been some tortuous road to this house.More delays and problems.Fingers crossed now for next week!!
Hi Lisa, Im dying to plant some spring bulbs in the new garden.I just need a move in date then i can play my winter assault on the overgrown garden.I will have to buy compost.A compost bin will be on my wishlist to start.